Privacy Policy

Payday Loans Without Debit Card strictly follows some privacy policies to safeguard our customers' valuable information and data. We follow data protection act 1998 and ensures customers the privacy of their personal data. But in case, due to some technical failures, if any data does not remain secret, then we won't be liable for such failures.

We generally offer customers password facility in order to prevent illegal access. Generally with this password, all personal details including email id, telephone numbers, social security numbers, financial information etc. can be protected. So, individuals are suggested to choose their passwords carefully and not to share it with others.

We do not collect any personal detail from the visitors of the site. You can easily access the site without giving any personal information about you. Even more, you can be assured that we won't collect any detail without your knowledge.

We, at Payday Loans Without Debit Card don't sell or disclose valuable details like mail id, telephone number, social security number, financial information. But, it is our constant effort to find a better deal for our customers and just because of that, we may share customers' information with various lenders. We can also share this information with a legal entity if required. We are not accountable for sharing information for different purposes including risk management, verification.

We change our privacy policy time-to-time. So, individuals are requested to visit this page quite often to be aware of any changes in our privacy policy.

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